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Google Talks: Camino

Mike Pinkerton of Google talks about the Mac web browser Camino. It also includes some interesting history of the Mozilla and Gecko projects.

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Linux autologin

I use a collection of virtual machines in parallels for a number of things, like testing SQLEditor and running web apps that would otherwise require lots of software dependencies. However I’ve been getting tired of logging in to my linux … Continue reading

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HTMLValidator beta 2

HtmlValidator beta 2 has just been released. The new version offers assorted fixes and a slightly improved interface (a green tick or red cross now appear in the validation window!) There is also a new downloads page which currently offers … Continue reading

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Mac GPRS Modem scripts

Ross Barkman’s site has scripts for using mobile phones as modems with Mac OS X. This post is mainly so I remember where it is if I ever need it and don’t have access to my bookmarks. Also the tutorial/setup … Continue reading

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Keynote in Lego!

A site called PodBrix offers customized Apple themed lego sets. You too can have Steve Jobs at a keynote or the famous Apple 1984 advert recreated in Lego. [link] (via reddit)

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HTMLValidator 1.0b1 has just been released. It runs on PowerPC or Intel Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The current version expires 28th February 2007. HTMLValidator is a new desktop HTML validator that works on both web pages … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.3.6

SQLEditor 1.3.6 has now been available for about a week and so far it looks good. 1.3.6 was mainly released to fix bugs found in 1.3.x releases and to add in a few important features that had been widely requested. … Continue reading

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