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Collections of Radioactive stuff

I came across this site the other day when I was looking for information about radioactive fiestaware. The author collects radioactive artifacts [Link]

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WordPress & this weblog

I’ve finally upgraded to wp 1.5, plus the image authentication thing in the comments works again. 🙂 I’ve also decided that the theme must be changed, so it may change in the next few days. (default for the moment though).

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What the Orcs think of Multi-player From Penny-Arcade 🙂

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SQLEditor 1.1 nearing release

SQLEditor 1.1 is now approaching release. It seems to have taken much longer than expected, however it does have a number of interesting improvements. The most interesting improvement is that it can export directly to a database. This is still … Continue reading

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Debian Sarge

I realized that I’d managed to update to Sarge (v 3.1) mostly without noticing. I should have pinned my packages to woody (3.0) but didn’t realize, which meant that I went through the update process without actually noticing. This led … Continue reading

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The Lucky Despot Hotel and Casino

The Lucky Despot Hotel and Casino was the name of an establishment in a story that I was reading recently. 🙂

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