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Adobe and Macromedia Merger

Adobe are merging with Macromedia (read: buying up the only competitor). This is of course going to be as sucessful as every other merger from HP/Compaq (disaster) to Halifax/Bank Of Scotland (disaster). Daring fireball has an english translation of the … Continue reading

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Stupid drawing bug in SQLEditor

I just managed to fix a really weird bug in SQLEditor. The problem was that when ever you drew a connector between two fields all of the lines would get drawn slightly thicker. This gave a really odd visual effect. … Continue reading

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Lake District!

I’ve sort of just got back from a really wonderful trip to the Lake District (google map). It was great to get away from technology (mostly) and the demands of work. I really enjoyed the holiday and if you ever … Continue reading

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quango quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation from The Times

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