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PHP, trim and the non breaking space

An odd thing occurred today, I was trying to do trim($string) on a string in php, but I kept getting strings back that appeared to have a space at the beginning, the exact thing that trim is supposed to remove. … Continue reading

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Natwest Business Breakfast

It’s taken me a while to write about it, but last week, Natwest in Edinburgh held a really great session for business banking customers. A breakfast and two seminars. Starting at 8am they gave an excellent breakfast and then went … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.1b3 & softpedia

Today I released SQLEditor 1.1b3. I think this could very well be the last beta version before 1.1 final release. My first minor point release application!! (x.1) Originally I hadn’t intended to update all of the websites today, but they … Continue reading

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