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Cinema Audio

A Fascinating Video with Ioan Allen of Dolby Labs talking about different kinds of Film audio system.

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Is the iPhone NDA still in effect?

This post from yesterday on the cocoa-dev list seems to suggest that it is. I wonder what is happening? (Although it doesn’t affect me much because I’m still not doing iPhone development at all yet)

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XCode function popup

I love the XCode function popup, particularly in Objective C, because I can add #pragma mark comments to divide up the list. Unfortunately languages that aren’t C derived don’t offer #pragma, so I missed these little dividers Then I noticed … Continue reading

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SQLEditor releases

This is another quick update about SQLEditor releases in the near future. 1.4.2b1 Currently version 1.4.2b1 is in beta release, it offers a few specific improvements Added support for editing MySQL character set and collation settings on fields and tables … Continue reading

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National Lighthouse museum closed

I was sad to read that the National lighthouse museum in Penzance appears to have closed. It was an interesting place to visit and it had lots of real exhibits including light house lamps, optics and models. It was also … Continue reading

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