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Forum for

Following the suggestions in this article, I’ve been considering forum software recently to offer customers (and others) somewhere to discuss SQLEditor. Currently I’m considering PunBB, because it seems to be simple, fast and well received by reviewers and users. PhpBB … Continue reading

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The length of my hair and the length of the grass

Since I live in a small house as opposed to a flat I have a small amount of garden. Most of this is grass. I haven’t gone bald, so I also have some hair on my head. As I was … Continue reading

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Not managing time very well

Recently I haven’t been managing time very well, with the company business and the new release of SQLEditor things seem to have been building up and not getting done fast enough. The grass and my hair are growing too long … Continue reading

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STANDARDS The plutil command obeys no one’s rules but its own. from the plutil man page

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No Osborne Effect?

The Register has a new article up about the Osborne effect, a supposed problem that means that if you excessively pre-announce products then nobody buys the stuff that you’re selling right now. The article suggests that the whole idea is … Continue reading

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SQLEditor built for Mac On Intel

SQLEditor has now been built for Mac OS X/Intel as well as Mac OS X/ppc. I was able to download the Xcode 2.1 release last night and worked on the port this morning. SQLEditor at the moment still has bits … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Intel

It has been officially announced that the Mac platform will be moving to Intel processors. I’m still thinking about what this means for MalcolmHardie Software and SQLEditor and I have been reading about the transition to find out more. Some … Continue reading

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Apples & Intel?

Maybe it’s going to be hardware based dynamic recompilation? Or some kind of microcode based emulator? Modern microprocessors are usually doing conversion of the assembly anyway, so why not from one instruction set to another. I guess we’ll all know … Continue reading

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