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Disable “You have new mail” terminal message

By default in linux you get a message saying something like You have new mail in when you log into a linux machine. Sometimes this gets annoying because you always have new mail, or because there seems to be a … Continue reading

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Linux autologin

I use a collection of virtual machines in parallels for a number of things, like testing SQLEditor and running web apps that would otherwise require lots of software dependencies. However I’ve been getting tired of logging in to my linux … Continue reading

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Running Oracle – The Solution

This follows on from my previous posting. Searching for an Oracle This is kind of old news now, because it’s been in use since SQLEditor 1.2 was released. However I though I would explain how I solved the problem that … Continue reading

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Change console keyboard layout in debian

I’ve been using Parallels Workstation virtualization a lot recently for testing databases and it works amazingly well. However I did come across a weird problem. I’d installed Debian linux and the console keyboard layout wasn’t correct for my Apple USB … Continue reading

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Searching for an Oracle

Recently I’ve been trying to set up a box to run Oracle again. There are enough SQLEditor users that Oracle support is important. Fortunately Oracle have several downloads that can be used, there is a developer license for 10g and … Continue reading

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PSpell in debian with PHP

The default debian stable packages for php4 don’t seem to include pspell. I’ve been looking at using the AJAX spell checker in something, but then I realized that it wouldn’t work, at least not with my current server setup.

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Debian Sarge

I realized that I’d managed to update to Sarge (v 3.1) mostly without noticing. I should have pinned my packages to woody (3.0) but didn’t realize, which meant that I went through the update process without actually noticing. This led … Continue reading

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