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iTunes tv shows in the UK

Well the iTunes store is finally offering tv shows in the uk. It’s totally disappointing. The prices are ridiculously expensive and the list of shows is small. All of the MalcolmHardie software sales are denominated in dollars so I watch … Continue reading

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XML, UTF-8 and Java

Apparently, valid UTF-8 strings aren’t necessarily valid XML. You can get a situation where you have valid UTF-8 strings which fail xml parsing. Fortunately Mark McLaren offers a solution.

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Retro Mac OS WordPress theme

This made me laugh when I saw it: Definitely memories of simpler times 😉

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Native Mobile apps almost impossible to develop?

I’ve been reading stuff recently about creating native (non-java) mobile phone apps. The key thing is application signing. In an attempt to prevent viruses and malicious code from being run on mobile devices, the major platforms require that applications are … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.4b2

Another day, another beta. (Kind of) SQLEditor 1.4b2 is now available, which is pretty much bug fixing against 1.4b1. There were several issues with 1.4b1 including an annoying bug that would sometimes delete foreign key connectors when you deleted an … Continue reading

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Site redesign

So, if you’ve visited the site today you’ll have seen the new site design. It’s Blue. But that’s not all. The layout structure of each page has been substantially changed (for the first time since 2004, I think) . … Continue reading

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HTMLValidator 1.0

HTMLValidator 1.0 is finally released. As I write this, it’s been out since Friday, so I guess I’m a bit late in writing this. HTMLValidator 1.0 is identical to HTMLValidator 1.0b8, except of course that it 1) doesn’t expire and … Continue reading

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