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Warburtons Ad

Warburtons Bread Advert It made me laugh, anyway. (On their own site too)

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safari supports pdf in img tag

I didn’t know this before but it definitely seems to work. SVG is more compatible for web pages, though this could be useful for embedded webkit apps. From High DPI Websites

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Idea: EU prize for learning all of the European languages

In the nature of the European cooperation, I propose that the European Union should give out prizes to people who can speak significant numbers of european languages. Perhaps 1 million euros for a person speaking all of the EU significant … Continue reading

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iPhone multi-tasking

A thought occurs to me (although I don’t do iPhone development). One possible approach to multi-tasking on the iphone might be to allow a background thread that complied with some sandbox requirements to execute with access to certain apis only. … Continue reading

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Wanted: Cookie categories in web browsers

Given that I delete my browser cookies fairly regularly, it would be useful to be able to divide them into categories.Then I could delete marketing and tracking cookies without affecting more important login cookies. Some categories I would like: 1) … Continue reading

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