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building antlr 2.7.7 on Mac OS X

It appears that antlr on Mac os x doesn’t like the jikes compiler, at least when I tried building antlr it gave lots of weird compile errors like this: Found 2 semantic errors compiling “”: While it would be a … Continue reading

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Is it plagiarism if you’ve paid someone else to write the paper for you?

I happened to browsing a popular site that allows people to post tasks that others can bid on. The focus tends to be on small to medium sized technical tasks like web page design and small applications. But there are … Continue reading

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Java class file version numbering This page has a list which shows how java class version numbers relate to java platform version numbering. It’s useful if you get one of those UnsupportedClassVersionError errors. This relates to the Java ClassFile structure which defines how classes … Continue reading

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