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SQLEditor Cocoa B6 Due for release.

SQLEditor Cocoa Beta 6 has been released. Beta 6 offers a number of significant enhancements and improvements, plus several bug fixes. Fields can now be dragged from one table to another. The list of data types can now be edited … Continue reading

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Very slight redesign of website

Observant readers may notice a slight change to the website (if you came in from there). The fonts for the titles have been resized and the stupid red boxes have been removed. Hopefully it all looks more visually cohesive. … Continue reading

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I just realised that NSLog allows parameters. I’d previously been using NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@”%d”,randomVar]) … But now I realise that the I don’t really need to do this. A simple call to NSLog will work as well. NSLog(@”%d”,randomVar); It still isn’t … Continue reading

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Missing Email

I just had the thought that there is email that I should have, but can’t find. Which is bad, given that I’ve been trying to archive all of my email. The key question obviously is where has it gone? And … Continue reading

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SQLEditor Cocoa B5 Released

Good news everyone! SQLEditor Cocoa version is finally available for download. SQLEditor Cocoa offers a Mac OS X native cocoa interface, an improved SQL parser, better performance and some bug fixes. Download (325k)

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Shareware and Serial Numbers

Not much posting recently. But I’ve been working getting SQLEditor ready for release. The big things recently have been bug fixes and developing a serial number system. It’s extremely annoying to have to spend any time at all working on … Continue reading

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