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Virtualized Mac OS X servers

Media Temple are running a beta programme for virtualized Mac OS X server hosting (Using Parallels Server) This sounds really interesting, it would be nice to be able to rent a Mac OS X box and run services on it. … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.4b26

SQLEditor 1.4b26 is now available for download. It fixes only one problem which is related to auto increment and SQLite. This should hopefully be the final beta version for 1.4 🙂 The next version should be the 1.4 final release … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.5

SQLEditor 1.5 is making good progress. The latest thing that I’m currently working on is to extract SQL Views from a database. In theory this should be just like extracting tables, but it’s looking much harder to work out than … Continue reading

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Water found on Mars

They spotted water on Mars! Colonising now seems a step closer … MarsPhoenix Twitter (via Boing Boing)

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Reggy for regular expression testing

Handy new tool I came across today which allows you to test regular expressions and see what they select. Reggy

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280 Slides

A cool new online presentation tool: The slide show application is really nice in that it feels very much like a desktop application when in use, even down the way buttons and key presses behave. The object rotation is … Continue reading

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