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SQLEditor Beta 9 Released

Lots of fun new features in SQLEditor Beta 9. I think SQLEditor is getting quite close to the final release version actually, which is good. I have set up a new bug reporting and tracking system.

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SQL Import from database for SQLEditor

I now have the first version of database import working for SQLEditor. This means that you can point it at a database and it will grab the structure of the database directly. Currently it’s missing foreign key support, but it … Continue reading

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Amazing looking computer

The people over at have a picture of a most amazing looking pc. It is mounted vertically in a table like case. With amythtv software, a video projector and a wireless keyboard it would make a wonderful, stylish and … Continue reading

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the non-life of Leynos

David (leynos) has set up a blog: the non-life of Leynos!

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FireFox PR1 Released

Zdnet and others are announcing firefox PR1 will be released later today. The mozilla homepage is already showing download links but the Mac OS X links aren’t actually working as I write this. Firefox 1.0PR1 will probably be a defining … Continue reading

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Online Store

I’ve been working recently on integrating a registration system into SQLEditor (sorry). Unfortunately I kind of need to make some money out of my software and so people have to pay for it. I really wish this wasn’t the case … Continue reading

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Baking Pizza Books: The Pizza Express Cook Book I just tried the basic recipe out of this book this evening and it made an amazing pizza. It was better than some of the frozen varieties. I used the dough recipe, topped … Continue reading

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Films I really want to see

Some films that I want to see (in no particular order)… Shrek 2 Spiderman 2 The Bourne Supremacy Love Me If You Dare The Terminal I Robot (thanks to Dhruba for the idea)

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Serial Number Systems

I’ve recently been trying to write a serial number system for SQLEditor. I’m also looking for a new name for it. It was pointed out that the current name is generic and difficulty to pronounce, plus there is already at … Continue reading

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Binary Thoughts (Dhruba’s Weblog)

Lots of fun new features have just appeared over at Binary Thoughts. Dhruba’s site now has loads of really clever new bits. I really like the css3 link icons.

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Not much writing recently

Unfortunately I’ve been really busy recently working on SQLEditor (and some other things) so I haven’t really been writing much. Not sure how that’s going to change in the weeks ahead, but hopefully I’ll be writing a bit more.

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USB connectable mobile phone

Simple thought today: a USB mobile phone. So you could just plug it straight into a laptop or something, without bluetooth or infra-red. I think Motorola tried something like this with the timeport 280 and also the A920; but I … Continue reading

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