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I tried making popcorn at home in the Microwave today. I started with corn kernels (unpopped) and put them in a covered dish. Then I microwaved them for three minutes and to my amazement, most of them popped. Seemed to … Continue reading

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Exercise from playing computer games

The DDR Workout – It’s Official from Slashdot Maybe people will get told to go home and start playing dance games by their doctors, instead of swimming or running? Could future computer games be sold on the basis of the … Continue reading

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Binding Books

This page: Binding Books talks about book binding at home. I’ve often wanted to be able to bind books so I’m thinking of trying the ideas. This page offers an interesting solution using a glue gun

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Bartering Services

Slashdot | Best Results From Bartering Computer Services? After reading this article I was wondering what people would be interested in bartering for SQLEditor? Does it make sense as a business concept? Would the value I might get compensate me … Continue reading

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Menu enabling

Thanks to Cocoa Menu Validation I now know how to do dynamic enabling and disabling of menu in a tidy way. Previously everything was less tidy and more confused. Thank you Chris Hanson!

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Putty for PocketPC

I’m really pleased to see this: Putty for Pocket PC. Putty is a program that I use a lot on windows. I’ve been looking around for something to do ssh on pocket pc and now I’ll have it, as soon … Continue reading

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File Format between versions

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is to rewrite SQLEditor to use cocoa instead of java’s swing toolkit. This gives a much better application for people using Macintoshes, but it has meant a file format change. The old … Continue reading

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I promised myself I wasn’t going to write aboout blogging. But I suppose the first post can be an exception. In this blog I’m going to talk about various things, where my software is going and what I’m doing. I’m … Continue reading

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