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Added Staticize plugin

To fit in with my views on websites (only as dynamic as absolutely necessary), I have installed this plugin. Hopefully this will not cause too many problems.

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Ebay Suspension

Weird thing happened today. I was checking my email and I saw a message from ebay stating that my account had been suspended. I assumed it was fake and went to visit ebay itself. But it seems real. The whole … Continue reading

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Oracle connectivity has been one of the main things I’ve been working on this week with SQLEditor. This involved installing Oracle on my iBook. Oracle 10g is a remarkably complicated bit of software. It arrives in a 500MB+ download which … Continue reading

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Pocket PC and Mac OS X

In a break from SQLEditor and other similar things I’ve been trying to connect my pocket pc to my macintosh. After some experimentation I have sucessfully installed synce using instructions . I have also got the pocket pc to connect … Continue reading

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DocBook and Apple Help

One of the key tools I’ve been using recently is Docbook. Docbook is an xml-schema which can be used to write documentation for things. This can then be converted via the wonders of XSL, XML and XML-FO processors into PDF, … Continue reading

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SQLEditor released!

After a rather over-extended development cycle SQLEditor version 1.0 has now been released. Which is a great relief to me. I’ve been working on it for so long now that I can’t quite remember not working on it, which is … Continue reading

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Writing Documentation

I’m currently in the middle of writing user documentation of SQLEditor. I finally settled on docbook as the format of choice since it seems the most compatible with other things. I’m using this tutorial to build the stuff although saxon … Continue reading

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Mac OS X keyboard layouts

I was reading macsurfer today and I came across an interesting article by a Canadian called Joe Clark who wanted to remove the US flag from the input mode menu item. This got me thinking, could I write something that … Continue reading

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