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Zend Framework – run in a subdirectory

This article explains how to use Zend Framework MVC in a subdirectory (rather than in the DocumentRoot) [Link]

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Zend framework Quickstart and SQLite

I was building the Zend Framework quick start tutorial example but I kept getting the following error: Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 14 unable to open database file This was despite the fact that I had correct privileges on the database … Continue reading

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Is there a pilot on board?

In movies like Airplane! the pilots have all been incapacitated and a desperate call goes around “is there a pilot on board?” To which some brave soul then stands up and says something like, “Yes I can fly the plane”. … Continue reading

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SQLEditor updates

I’ve just released a new version of SQLEditor yesterday, mainly as a bug fix release, but it’s definitely recommended to upgrade. The new beta is 1.4.3b1 which was released 14th November. It fixes a number of bugs, including MySQL comments … Continue reading

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Django Support

Several people have now asked for this, so it’s being really seriously looked at. Plus I’m hopeful that it will be able to support the somewhat different but quite similar Google app engine model class format too Having been working … Continue reading

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Loyalty Cards

I was looking at my wallet and I realized that I have a whole collection of loyalty cards. Am I really loyal to all of them? I don’t think I can be, since some of them are for direct competitors.

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