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Ringtone pricing vs Other Content

David made an interesting point in a comment recently about the ridiculous prices people are paying for ring tones and how this may be encouraging news for more sophisticated content (like video). If people are willing to pay 50p or … Continue reading

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Parsing SQL in SQLEditor

Good progress is being made again on the Cocoa version of SQLEditor. I have recently rewritten the parsing system to use javacc instead of my own home built parser. This allows for better, simpler and more reliable parsing. Writing my … Continue reading

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TV on 3G Mobiles

According to this BBC Article there is a growing move towards tv programming on mobile phones. The key disadvantage is the amazingly high cost; one of the people interviewed paid $50 for 45 minutes. High pricing seems to be a … Continue reading

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Cross Platform Applications

With the announcement of Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4 Apple, like many other companies, seems to have gone for a standards based approach. Dashboard is said to be based on HTML, CSS and javascript. A webpage in all but … Continue reading

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Definitions in spellchecker?

There have been lots of articles today in newspapers because the Oxford English Dictionary publishers have claimed that people are confused and choosing words incorrectly. For example “pouring” instead of “poring”. The problem being that people are basing the word … Continue reading

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SQLEditor (Java) Final Candidate

I’ve decided to release a new version of SQLEditor (Java). The FC1 version is a final candidate version that hopefully incorporates fixes for the bugs that people have reported. There have been problems with users running Mac OS X 10.3 … Continue reading

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No Chopsticks?

Despite being absolutely huge the Sainsbury’s at Cameron Toll in Edinburgh doesn’t sell Chopsticks. I even went so far as to ask! Not one chopstick to be found (although presumably I would need at least two to actually get anywhere … Continue reading

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Apple iMac EOL

The Apple – iMac page has a really odd announcement on it (right, middle) stating that stocks of the old iMac have pretty much run out and the whole line will be replaced in September. The message also apologises to … Continue reading

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