Piracy on ebay

Fun thing to do:

Try a search for “photoshop” on ebay.

I was looking to see whether it was a realistic way to buy a copy but it really isn’t.

Most of the auctions are fradulent or offering pirated software. There are the usual collection of “bid and get information on where to buy for £20” kind of auctions. Then there are the ones selling manuals or something but appearing initally to be the real product.

Finally there are the pirates who are selling copies of software in various formats, sometimes with a disclaimer that the customer “should only buy if they already own a copy of photoshop”. Then why bid on the auction?

Overall not impressive. I feel sorry for the few genuine sellers who are offering boxed and sealed copies or older versions. They are being honest, most of the sellers are not.

Ebay really needs to clean up its auctions because the current situation is getting really bad.

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