SQLEditor 3.7.2

New Dark Mode Support

Today we’re releasing SQLEditor 3.7.2, which has new support for dark mode content, as well as dark mode UI.

The new dark mode canvas is selectable in the preferences panel and there are now three choices:

  • Light UI + Light Content
  • Dark UI + Light Content
  • Dark UI + Dark Content

The default option is to follow the system setting for UI and provide light mode content, this being the best match to the previous behaviour.

When printing the document is automatically converted to light mode to match the paper and when saving as an image you can choose whether to export in light or dark mode in the export save panel.

Note that dark mode content is app-wide, it isn’t currently possible to choose it for one document only.

There are other new features as well, including better label performance, better support for MySQL JDBC SSL connections and various other fixes and improvements.

SQLEditor 3.7.2 is available for download from the website at

Or via auto-update within SQLEditor itself.

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