SQLEditor 2.0.6 – early access

SQLEditor 2.0.6 has just been posted onto the beta update channel, so if you have the “Check for beta Versions” option set you should get offered it the next time the app checks for updates. It will get pushed to the main site and the release channel in a day or so.

Or download SQLEditor 2.0.6 (5.7 MB zip file)

This version got a bit delayed, originally it was going to be 2.0.3, except that a whole collection of new bugs got reported, so it became 2.0.4. Then of course, a couple of the fixes failed during pre-release testing, so the number got bumped again (twice!). It is finally ready, though, and hopefully should fix a number of problems that were identified in 2.0.2.

Most of the problems were exceptions that were raised in odd circumstances, although it also fixes the parser to accept # as a single line comment prefix, and it makes some useful code improvements to the way that the document options window is managed. It also fixes the keyboard toggling of labels, which uses the CMD+{number} commands to hide or show labeled objects.

Hope you like it, and please do continue to report problems. It’s really appreciated!

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