SQLEditor 2.7.1

I’m happy to announce¬†SQLEditor 2.7.1 (zip file, about 55MB). If you have automatic updates turned on, this update should appear the next time SQLEditor checks for updates.

As well as various bug fixes, this release also has a nice new feature where you can drag an entire SQLEditor document into another SQLEditor document and the contents will import everything in the first document into the second document.


You can also do this with SQL files and SQLite database files. In this second video I’ve got a SQLite database file and I drag it into the SQLEditor window. (Then I moved the second table a bit)


SQLEditor 2.7.1 (zip file) is available to download immediately.
It’s a free upgrade for all SQLEditor 2.x customers.

SQLEditor 1.x users can upgrade from 1.x at a good discount.

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