SQLEditor 2.8.2

A new version of SQLEditor is released. Version 2.8.2 [56MB zip file]

Things of note in SQLEditor 2.8

The SQL parser has had quite a bit of work done on it for this release, which should mean fewer parsing oddities, particularly with keywords. This was originally reported as a bug involving the word ‘source’ as an identifier. You can now use ‘source’ as an identifier without problem. 🙂

There are several improvements to table renaming, and objects are better at preventing duplicated names.

Another significant improvement is the rewrite of the document state code. This handles things like when the document needs to be saved and when it is marked edited. Previously documents appeared as ‘edited’ immediately upon opening, but now they only appear as edited when they actually have been edited.

As part of the state change rewrite, undo for object properties should be more solid and label color editing should be more reliable.

There are also various other improvements and bug fixes.

Hopefully this should be a good release.

What happened to 2.8 and 2.8.1?

2.8 reached beta, but several bugs were identified, particularly in object naming and auto increment. These were fixed and 2.8.1 was released.

2.8.1 was a full release version, but a build issue caused two help files to be omitted from the build. This generated an exception when attempting to view them.

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