SQLEditor 3 Release

I’m very pleased to announce that SQLEditor 3 has been released.

This new version is a major upgrade for SQLEditor that offers good improvements to our app.

The biggest change is the new single window interface. It means less screen clutter, it’s better in full screen mode and it’s more efficient on smaller screens.

The design report generator is a useful new feature to help with documentation of databases which is something that a lot of SQLEditor users do. It can be easily customised in Javascript.

The new plugin system allows SQLEditor to be easily extended in Javascript and allows entirely new export dialects. We hope to expand the possibilities for plugins in future point releases of SQLEditor 3.

Key Features

  •  Streamlined single window user interface
  • Design Report Generator
  • Javascript Plugin System
  • Performance improvements
  • Better pre-flighting with more pre-flight actions
  • New style options
  • Plus other smaller improvements

The SQLEditor page has more details and I’ll be writing more about SQLEditor 3 soon.

Or download immediately via auto-update or our website

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