SQLEditor 3.7.2

New Dark Mode Support

Today we’re releasing SQLEditor 3.7.2, which has new support for dark mode content, as well as dark mode UI.

The new dark mode canvas is selectable in the preferences panel and there are now three choices:

  • Light UI + Light Content
  • Dark UI + Light Content
  • Dark UI + Dark Content

The default option is to follow the system setting for UI and provide light mode content, this being the best match to the previous behaviour.

When printing the document is automatically converted to light mode to match the paper and when saving as an image you can choose whether to export in light or dark mode in the export save panel.

Note that dark mode content is app-wide, it isn’t currently possible to choose it for one document only.

There are other new features as well, including better label performance, better support for MySQL JDBC SSL connections and various other fixes and improvements.

SQLEditor 3.7.2 is available for download from the website at

Or via auto-update within SQLEditor itself.

SQLEditor 3.5 released

SQLEditor 3.5 has now been released, it is identical to 3.5.0b2, but doesn’t expire:


SQLEditor 3.5.0 – Download (59MB DMG)



SQLEditor 3.5.0b2 beta with Dark Mode Support


I’m pleased to say that the new SQLEditor beta, 3.5.0b2, is now available.

This is the first version that offers dark mode support when running on 10.14 Mojave.

It also offers various other improvements, in particular better scripting support and assorted bug fixes.

Various pieces of the user interface were also updated and should appear sharper (especially on retina screens)

The new beta is available for a limited time:

Download: SQLEditor 3.5.0b2 (60 MB DMG)

Expires 12 December 2018

If no bugs get found, this will be released as a non-beta release soon.

Bug reports, comments and suggestions are gratefully received at the usual address:

New dark mode support is coming to SQLEditor

With Mojave released and SQLEditor working, a new release with proper dark mode support is in the works. Development has been proceeding rapidly and there’s stuff to show off.

This screen shot shows some of the progress, see how the basic user interface is entirely dark mode.

It’s mostly finished, although I’m still working on how the drawing areas should appear. The first version has a white background for the drawing area, following the “diagram as image” idea.

A later revision may have the option to change this background color.

SQLEditor will offer the option to use either the system appearance or to explicitly choose either light or dark mode:


This work is mostly finished, currently it’s just being checked to make sure that all the details have been fixed and that no oddities remain.

Hopefully it should get a beta release fairly soon.

Django virtualenv support

SQLEditor’s Django plugin now supports virtualenv. (New in 3.3)

It’s currently app wide, rather than per-document, which is coming soon as well.

Just open preferences and set the path to the python install inside the virtualenv and SQLEditor should be able to figure out what it needs from there.

NOTE: This specified python binary will be run by SQLEditor during the import, with standard permissions, so the python binary must be trustworthy.

I’m still working away on this, so more improvements soon hopefully

More Refactoring support

New in version 3.1.7 you can now change column (field) types across the whole document.

Use Menu->Edit->Refactor->Update Data Types


This has been requested for a while and is now available.

  • Types are grouped so that varchar(100) is different from varchar(255).
  • The search and replace ignores case, but is otherwise a simple search.
  • The replacement type can be entered by hand by double clicking
  • Or you choose an item using the small menu on the right

Hope this works nicely for everyone.

Let us know what you think: email us at

SQLEditor 3.0.2 with experimental Redshift support

Today SQLEditor 3.0.2 was released which offers some bug fixes, slightly better javascript error logging and new experimental Redshift support.

SQLEditor should now recognise the redshift JDBC drivers and it also has a redshift specific dialect.
Currently the dialect is absolutely identical to postgres, but further improvements are in development.
As a warning, it’s not really ready for prime time yet, and more testing is to be done.

Feedback is really welcome.

Download v3.0.2 (58MB zip)

SQLEditor 3 Release

I’m very pleased to announce that SQLEditor 3 has been released.

This new version is a major upgrade for SQLEditor that offers good improvements to our app.

The biggest change is the new single window interface. It means less screen clutter, it’s better in full screen mode and it’s more efficient on smaller screens.

The design report generator is a useful new feature to help with documentation of databases which is something that a lot of SQLEditor users do. It can be easily customised in Javascript.

The new plugin system allows SQLEditor to be easily extended in Javascript and allows entirely new export dialects. We hope to expand the possibilities for plugins in future point releases of SQLEditor 3.

Key Features

  •  Streamlined single window user interface
  • Design Report Generator
  • Javascript Plugin System
  • Performance improvements
  • Better pre-flighting with more pre-flight actions
  • New style options
  • Plus other smaller improvements

The SQLEditor page has more details and I’ll be writing more about SQLEditor 3 soon.

Or download immediately via auto-update or our website

SQLEditor 3: First Preview

Today here is a sneak peak of the new user interface in SQLEditor 3 which is in development and will be released later in the year.



The improvements visible here are mostly evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Single Window Interface

The biggest change is the single window interface. This seems to be the preferred design for apps these days, the floating palette approach seems to have fallen out of favour. This offers a major improvement on small screen devices and when in full screen mode. The palettes tended to get in the way a lot. There is a tradeoff on larger screens. Work is continuing on how to get the balance right.

The sidebars can be collapsed and you can hide the overview and palette sections entirely if you want:




Left Sidebar

The new left sidebar includes the overview at the top and the main sections below.
Both the labels panel and the status window have now been moved to the left sidebar.

Only status events relevant to the this document appear in its status panel.

The labels panel works as before:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 16.16.45
Tree View

The tree view can now show tables grouped by schema as well as the previous flat view:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 16.15.47


Right Sidebar

On the right side, the inspector takes the main space. Each window now keeps its inspector separately, so it is possible to  have several on screen at once. This makes things like copying text from one comment to another easier, because both text views will be visible at the same time.
The palette appears at the bottom and works as before.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 16.27.27

Next Time

SQLEditor 3 has more exciting new features and improvements, which I’ll be writing more about as we get closer to the release date.

SQLEditor 3 is due later this year, pricing to be announced. 

Upgrades will be at a discount or free for recent purchases of SQLEditor


SQLEditor 2.8.2

A new version of SQLEditor is released. Version 2.8.2 [56MB zip file]

Things of note in SQLEditor 2.8

The SQL parser has had quite a bit of work done on it for this release, which should mean fewer parsing oddities, particularly with keywords. This was originally reported as a bug involving the word ‘source’ as an identifier. You can now use ‘source’ as an identifier without problem. 🙂

There are several improvements to table renaming, and objects are better at preventing duplicated names.

Another significant improvement is the rewrite of the document state code. This handles things like when the document needs to be saved and when it is marked edited. Previously documents appeared as ‘edited’ immediately upon opening, but now they only appear as edited when they actually have been edited.

As part of the state change rewrite, undo for object properties should be more solid and label color editing should be more reliable.

There are also various other improvements and bug fixes.

Hopefully this should be a good release.

What happened to 2.8 and 2.8.1?

2.8 reached beta, but several bugs were identified, particularly in object naming and auto increment. These were fixed and 2.8.1 was released.

2.8.1 was a full release version, but a build issue caused two help files to be omitted from the build. This generated an exception when attempting to view them.