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SQLEditor 1.4b2

Another day, another beta. (Kind of) SQLEditor 1.4b2 is now available, which is pretty much bug fixing against 1.4b1. There were several issues with 1.4b1 including an annoying bug that would sometimes delete foreign key connectors when you deleted an … Continue reading

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What have I been doing recently?

Well no updates for a bit. Humm? The main things I’ve been working on: 1) SQLEditor. Lots of things are being worked on. The user interface is being rewritten to improve speed and increase flexibility, the data layer is being … Continue reading

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Writing Unit tests for Cocoa

I realized something interesting today. I use unit testing to (hopefully) improve the quality of my code. With Java I use JUnit. With native Mac stuff I use OCUnit. One really clever thing about OCUnit that I realized today is … Continue reading

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static link library to replace dylib in mac os x

This post on the xcode-users list explains a neat trick on how to get xcode to link a static library instead of a dynamic library. Imagine the circumstance: you want to use a particular non-standard version of a native library … Continue reading

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