What have I been doing recently?

Well no updates for a bit. Humm?

The main things I’ve been working on:

1) SQLEditor. Lots of things are being worked on. The user interface is being rewritten to improve speed and increase flexibility, the data layer is being rewritten to switch it to cocoa (instead of java), the JDBC code is being rewritten to make it use JNI instead of cocoa/java and a new crash reporting system based on Google BreakPad is being worked on. There are also some other things too like live source view and assorted bug fixes.
2) HTMLValidator. Also undergoing development. It recently moved across to use Sparkle (yey!) instead of the SQLEditor derived update system (which will also be replaced eventually). The final 1.0 release is due very soon now and several people have set in nice comments.
3) A new idea (still secret) 🙂

4) Web site improvements for malcolmhardie.com. Some have been deployed, others are still waiting to be deployed. Although the biggest one which is almost entirely invisible is the rewritten order processing system, which now supports multiple different products and better management features. But only I (and my somewhat-trusted minions) will ever see it. 😉

Then when I’ve not been working I’ve been playing Pikmen on my new gamecube. (Many thanks to Leynos!). I’ve wanted to play this game properly for years and years and it definitely meets and exceeds my expectations.

Although I also played some theme hospital this morning using Parallels 3.0 (new release). It runs really nicely, although since it is an ancient game (1997) this shouldn’t be too surprising. I hope to try out some of my other really old games to see how they perfom under parallels.

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2 Responses to What have I been doing recently?

  1. Vicky Markham says:

    I’ve been trying to run Theme Hospital on parallels and it runs OK. The only problem is that it runs in a small screen in the middle of my os screen. I don’t seem to be able to make it full screen at all. Can you help me at all?

  2. Angus Hardie says:

    Setting it to use full screen is probably the main thing.

    There is also an option in Parallels preferences under Appearance called “Change Mac OS X Resolution” which I think is important one for resolution changing.

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