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SQLEditor 1.6 final

So, if you’ve seen SQLEditor recently, you’ll hopefully have seen that there is a new version out: version 1.6. This got released just at the beginning of December 2009 1.6 is something that I’ve been working on now for a … Continue reading

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SQLEditor: Compound Foreign Keys

The newest version of SQLEditor (1.4.4b1) now has support for compound foreign keys. This is something that people have been asking about for a while now, so I’m pleased that it got included. There are some things that may need … Continue reading

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What have I been doing recently?

Well no updates for a bit. Humm? The main things I’ve been working on: 1) SQLEditor. Lots of things are being worked on. The user interface is being rewritten to improve speed and increase flexibility, the data layer is being … Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.3.2

SQLEditor 1.3.2 Release Update Continue reading

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SQLEditor 1.3.1

SQLEditor 1.3.1 got released on Friday afternoon, this was really just a bug fix release which fixed a handful of problems that were identified. I think the only major fix was that the new UID system was slightly broken in … Continue reading

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MalcolmHardie Solutions Weblog

About the new MalcolmHardie Solutions weblog. The new weblog will contain posts about SQLEditor and other products. If you already reading Angus Thinks you probably don’t need to read the MalcolmHardie weblog as well because all the posts on the … Continue reading

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