iTunes tv shows in the UK

Well the iTunes store is finally offering tv shows in the uk. It’s totally disappointing. The prices are ridiculously expensive and the list of shows is small.
All of the MalcolmHardie software sales are denominated in dollars so I watch the exchange rate with great interest.

The current exchange rate at as of today is 2.01599 USD to 1 British Pound. (In the reverse direction that is 0.49603 British Pounds to 1 USD).

iTunes in the US charge 1.99USD for most tv shows. Therefore the UK price correctly should be 99 pence. (0.99 British Pounds). Given the usual kind of price gouging that goes on, possibly 1.29 or even 1.39 would have been acceptable.
Instead they have decided to charge 1.89 British Pounds. This is almost twice as expensive!
Add 9 pence and it would be exactly twice as expensive.

I almost thought of writing to them and asking if they have mistaken the exchange rate somehow.

The most annoying thing is that while the catalogue will increase in size, the prices will probably be fixed.

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