Searching for an Oracle

Recently I’ve been trying to set up a box to run Oracle again. There are enough SQLEditor users that Oracle support is important.

Fortunately Oracle have several downloads that can be used, there is a developer license for 10g and various chargeable options. However the option that is most interesting is Oracle Express. This is a cut down version of Oracle that has some limitations in maximum performance, but otherwise works the same as the regular version. For my purposes it’s perfect, since I’m not actually doing any data processing at all, maximum performance is irrelevant.

So the next step was to download and install a copy.

First I had to select windows or linux. Obviously a difficult choice, so I avoided it and downloaded both just in case.

Next I looked around for a suitable machine to run this database on. Oracle 10g does run on macs, but no word of Intel mac support, so my Imac is out (directly at least).

My next thought was a virtual machine on my Intel Imac ‘aslund’. Qemu runs windows really quite well and it runs linux perfectly well too. Unfortunately despite several hours playing around with settings I couldn’t get anything that would run fast enough and I couldn’t seem to get Oracle to run properly at all. I suspect that either I didn’t get one of the settings right, or there is some other problem somewhere.

Next I thought about ‘cetaganda’, which is my windows box. This meets the minimum requirements of 256MB ram, and has both windows and linux. No worries there.

Unfortunately it was debian linux and this requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux. After some thought I realized that Centos is a clone of Red Hat and so should work just as well. Which is probably would, if only my machine had enough memory. Unfortunately this machine was built to a (small) budget and has integrated graphics. The integrated graphics use memory from the main system for graphics, which reduces it from a nominal 256MB to only about 218 MB. 218MB isn’t enough for Oracle apparently and it complained.

Next step, the windows download (lucky I got them both before).

Windows XP sees the installer, unfortunately the same problem: not enough memory. (Although oddly the release notes mention this being a problem that has been fixed).

Next I may consider my iBook ‘Komarr’, however that will be annoying, because when I tried it before, it was slow.

The best plan may be to add more memory to cetaganda and run it that way.

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  1. Daniel O'Donnell says:

    Found this blog and website after I found an update notice for SQLEditor on VersionTracker. Note that you might be able to install Yellow Dog Linux on your iBook (with sufficient memory and drive space). YDL is based on RedHat. (This probably is still too far afield for an Oracle install, but it might be worth checking.)

  2. Angus Hardie says:

    This is indeed a good point and one that I hadn’t thought of. I eventually came up with another method (Parallels vm) which runs beautifully on my iMac.

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