Kodak bankrupt?

Kodak, perhaps the photography company, appears to have filed for bankruptcy.

It seems to be something of a representative for the state of the non-digital photography market, which looks pretty much dead except for a few limited areas.

In recent years they seem to have sold off much of the research and development and focused on the hyper-competitive desktop inkjet printer market instead.
(Although the reasons for this decision still remain a mystery to me)

I remember having a kodak camera with kodak film, that got photos printed on kodak photo paper, but I guess people a bit younger than me might never have even seen a roll of film, nor for that matter a kodak camera.

It’s sad to see this happen to such an iconic company and I hope that things don’t turn out badly for the employees.


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2 Responses to Kodak bankrupt?

  1. Leynos says:

    They also appeared to be making a something of name for themselves in the commercial print industry. I don’t know how much of their business that accounted for however.

    Something else that surprised me – Kodak were the inventors of OLED, yet they sold the last of their OLED division to LG in 2009. A number of the R&D staff in that field also left to form the American firm Emagin, which supplies OLED heads up displays to the military and medical sectors.

  2. Angus Hardie says:

    I guess Kodak is a bit like Xerox, original developers of lots of stuff that other people ended up making a success.

    I didn’t know they invented OLED, nor about the commercial printing. I tended to think of them as just cameras + film.

    I wonder if they’d hung on to these divisions, would they be more or less successful today?

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