SQLEditor upgrades

One of the big questions I’ve been thinking about recently is how to price upgrades for SQLEditor. So far upgrades have all been free as 1.0 became 1.1 and eventually 1.7. But with the new 2.0 release appearing soon, the question is what should be charged.

Personally I’ve been annoyed with products where I paid money and a new release appears two weeks later which requires a paid upgrade. On the other hand, SQLEditor 2.0 will be a considerable upgrade from SQLEditor 1.0 (the first paid version), so I do think some additional fee is justified to fund development efforts.

But obviously I don’t want people who haven’t bought yet to have doubts as to whether they will be required to pay for the upgrade.

The stated policy is that anyone who bought SQLEditor within 12 months of a paid upgrade being released gets a free upgrade.

However given that the release date for the new version hasn’t been decided yet, I’ve decided to improve the arrangements for version 2.0:

Customers who bought SQLEditor 1.x after August 1st 2010 will get a free upgrade to SQLEditor 2.0.

This means that if you buy SQLEditor today you get 1.7.8 and when 2.0 is released you would get an upgrade to it free of charge.


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  1. Palmer Woodrow says:

    This is the only decent DB-design tool I can find for the Mac. Actually, the last time I looked, I think it might have been the only one period. So it’s nice to find that it’s not just barely acceptable, but truly usable and effective. Nice job.

    I’m looking forward to version 2. Any hints as to what the enhancements will be?

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