Flash CS3 – Trace not producing output?

Found an odd problem with Flash CS3 today. I was working away and I realised that I wasn’t getting anything in the output window from calls to trace().

Just a completely empty output panel.

The answer is simple, make sure Filter Level is set to verbose in the menu on the output panel. If you have it set to None then you won’t get any output.

I’m not quite sure if this is something that I changed or if it is the default, but it isn’t exactly obvious.

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7 Responses to Flash CS3 – Trace not producing output?

  1. TukisOre says:

    Also setting to enabled omit trace in a publish settings dissables trace output.

  2. jodim says:

    Thanks to publish this easy fix.

    I had exactly the same problem and am quite sure I didn’t change that setting. Sometimes CS3 behaves a bit strange (application flickering (probably due to lack of memory space)) and when that happens sometimes settings get changed.

    Anyway thanks again!

  3. Jesse says:

    Cheers TukisOre! fixed it for me..

  4. lee says:

    the menu option did the trick … yeah not obvious!

  5. rbrill says:

    You just saved me a massive hour and a half headache! I was just about to get some work started and build some fresh classed when (after trying to trace) I wasn’t getting errors or any traces, I was tearing my hair out! Thanks for this extremely useful tip.

  6. Apeksha says:

    Thanks! Saved a few hours 🙂

  7. Nux says:

    In case anyone wonders in Polish the publishing settings are “PomiÅ„ operacje obrysowania” (witch would translate to English to “omit image outlining operations”). I love translated applications ;-].

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