SQLEditor 1.1b3 & softpedia

Today I released SQLEditor 1.1b3. I think this could very well be the last beta version before 1.1 final release.
My first minor point release application!! (x.1)

Originally I hadn’t intended to update all of the websites today, but they discovered it automatically so I uploaded the details onto the others so that everything was consistent.

However one thing really stood out today: Softpedia. The people at Softpedia not only grabbed all of the details, they also created some screen shots and gave me a nice “No Spyware, adware or viruses certified” logo. And it wasn’t just a quick screen shot either, they must have spent some time using the application as can be seen on the screenshot page.

I was amazed 🙂

Obviously I should have some screenshots of my own to distribute and they should arrive with the new manual, but still, I was really suprised by this.

And very grateful.

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