Lake District!

I’ve sort of just got back from a really wonderful trip to the Lake District (google map). It was great to get away from technology (mostly) and the demands of work. I really enjoyed the holiday and if you ever get the opportunity to visit that part of the country, do it. Windermere is a really great place to visit.

We spent all day doing outdoor stuff, the walking in the area is amazing. The views are amazing and although the weather was a bit wet, the walking is great. We were hoping to do some sailing as well, but the weather proved a bit difficult in that area, but we did get in a motor boat hire and several trips across and around the lakes. We also went horse riding, which is something that I haven’t really done much of, but I enjoyed it immensely.

There was also great food at various resturants and several ruthless board games (mostly monopoly).

Everyone was really friendly and the people running both the Windermere and Ambleside youth hostels couldn’t have been better.

I’m already hoping to go back 🙂

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