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Mac OS X will still have Java in the future.

There has been lots of stuff written recently about how Java on the Mac has been deprecated. The reality is that one particular Java runtime has been deprecated: the one that Apple write themselves. Java as a language will still … Continue reading

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280 Slides

A cool new online presentation tool: The slide show application is really nice in that it feels very much like a desktop application when in use, even down the way buttons and key presses behave. The object rotation is … Continue reading

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ACM computer science key works

The ACM is offering free downloads of selected classic works of computer science to anyone who signs up.  (via  Lambda The Ultimate and Dusty Decks)

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Insanely transparent …

You can just see Steve Jobs stroking a white cat and telling engineers to make products “insanely transparent”, can’t you? [link] (It’s actually an article about keyboards, but worth reading anyway)

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