Notarization …

Apple is really pushing the whole notarization thing right now.

It does seem a bit like the apocryphal story of boiling the frog, adding small additional restrictions on software freedom each year until the whole platform is under absolute control. (I really, really hope that’s not what’s happening)

At a practical level, I’ve been working away on implementing notarization with SQLEditor, which has caused some issues because of some of the dependencies that are used.

Even the Sparkle application updater requires some tweaking to the signing, which seems surprising, and the bundled Java had some issues too.

10.15 seems to be requiring notarization on newly built apps and I’m hoping to get a better view of the new operating system as soon as I can get the new beta running in a virtual machine. (Maybe Apple could build some virtual machines and save some time here?)

So there’s been a bit of a gap in the release schedule and some of the new work that’s been going on has been delayed. But unfortunately this has to take priority at the moment.

Hopefully I can get this stuff finished soon and work can continue on more interesting things.

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