SQLEditor 1.6

The SQLEditor 1.6 public beta has been available now for about 3 weeks and I’m getting more hopeful about a final candidate release.

SQLEditor 1.6 is required for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard support, but because major sections needed rewriting to get this compatibility, there are also improvements to the core of the application.

There is a brand new SQL parser which is based on ANTLR and a new, more extendible, export system. Plus there are lots of other improvements in both user interface and functionality.

Best of all, it’s going to be a free upgrade for existing SQLEditor customers.

The beta is currently at version 1.6b7 but 1.6b8 will probably be out very soon.

I hope that you like it.


SQLEditor 1.6b7
(DMG file | 4.2MB)

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