SQLEditor 1.4.3b3

So, it’s coming up to the holidays, but there is time for another SQLEditor release.

1.4.3b3 (snappy numbering, yes?) is pretty much a bug fix release. I think that the index creation problems that were happening have now been fixed, plus better handling of when to create indexes. It should now correctly figure out if fields are indexed and shouldn’t now add duplicates (or worse attempt to add duplicates)

There is also the addition of the simulate mode for database export. This isn’t exactly new, because it’s been available in some development builds, but it has now appeared in a release version. Simulate mode runs the entire export as normal, except that instructions that alter the database aren’t actually sent to the database to be executed. The instructions are recorded though, so you can see what would have happened in the status window log view.

There is also a new feature which prevents fields and indexes being dropped (although it doesn’t prevent modification, use simulate if that’s what you want)

SQLEditor also now adds a line in the status window when an export fails complete with the instructions that were actually executed and the error that occurred. This information was always in the log, but it should be easier to see how SQLEditor has gone wrong (in the event that it does of course)

Finally some fixes for a few (hopefully unlikely) crashing bugs.

3.6MB dmg File

Change Log
Product Notes
21st January 2009

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