WWDC keynote: Games

(Watching WWDC keynote log over at MacRumors.com)

(It seems to be a blogging day for me?)
Gaming seems to be one of the big things at this year’s WWDC keynote. EA is apparently going to be doing simultaneous releasing of some games this year including Harry Potter. This is interesting because EA is so important in mainstream gaming.

Whether EA will follow Blizzard in putting both games on the same CD (hopefully YES) or have separate releases for the two platforms will be a point to note. Dual platform releases like Blizzard are great because it means that you can buy Mac games at mainstream gaming stores and the titles then get released on budget labels (often with the Mac part still attached). I’ve picked up several of the Blizzard games at my local branch of Game here in Edinburgh this way as impulse purchases.
(Of course where this leaves the Mac Porting development companies is anyone’s guess)

They also had John Carmack doing a demo of 3D stuff which looked interesting, but, since I’m reading a transcript and looking at photos, doesn’t really make as much impact.

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