SQLEditor 1.3b9 Released

I just made the latest version of SQLEditor (1.3b9) available on the website for download [2.8MB dmg].

The new version has a collection of improvements. Particularly in stability. Chris submitted a test case which broke the parser and the save file functionality in really interesting ways, which are now fixed; SQLite support is a bit better, with a new user interface in the JDBC panel and there is better handling of the display preferences (including a new preference pane so you can set defaults).

I also fixed some user interface bugs, like a really stupid one involving import and progress bars. The progress bar would display if you used file->import, but not if you dragged an sql file directly to the application icon. The reason was that there were two different paths depending on which action you took. This got refactored, which means that they both now show progress bars.

I also have started to look at the file loading performance. Too much time is being taken up loading files. I’ve been working on some ideas for optimization and I’m hopeful for the next release.

Unfortunately this isn’t the final candidate that I was hoping to release. But I think the improvements are definitely worth delaying the final build.

Hopefully if there aren’t any reported bugs then the release version will be out within the next few weeks.

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