Technical Problems with iTunes store

Annoyingly there are technical problems with the iTunes store. I’ve made several attempts now to buy music but I always get a form inviting me to re-enter my payment details. Completing the form and clicking OK then either takes me back to the main page (without any music being purchased) or a box pops up stating that the purchase didn’t complete.

The whole thing is odd. However it looks like I’m not the only person to be experiencing issues. Comments on Apple’s discussion boards suggest that the problem is happening to others, particularly with switch cards but also in some cases with credit cards too.

It’s unfortunate that Apple didn’t test the system better, but this is something that seems to have been happening a lot with new Apple stuff recently.

However I’ll give them a few more days to get over the teething problems before I write off the whole thing. Difficulties often happen during the first few days.

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