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SQLEditor 2.2 includes bundled Java

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

If you’ve been using SQLEditor recently, one thing you may have noticed is that the application download size increased in 2.2 from about 5MB or so, to nearly 60MB. This is because SQLEditor now bundles a complete Java VM in the application bundle, following current recommendations.

The main advantage of bundling a Java VM inside the app is that SQLEditor no longer needs Java installed on the system. (Assuming you’re running OS X 10.7.3 or later). This means no worries about installing and keeping java up-to-date. The bundled java obviously needs to be kept updated, but (a) that’s our problem now and (b) since we’re only using it in very limited ways, there shouldn’t be too much exposure.

You do still need to use a JDBC driver for the relevant database, and install this in the standard /Library/Java/Extensions directory.