FireFox PR1 Released

Zdnet and others are announcing firefox PR1 will be released later today. The mozilla homepage is already showing download links but the Mac OS X links aren’t actually working as I write this.

Firefox 1.0PR1 will probably be a defining moment in web browser history, along with Netscape 1.0 and Internet Explorer 3. A browser release that represents a fundamental change in web browsing behaviour.

It is also a milestone in open source development. Firefox is one of the more visible pieces of open source software around and it definitely seems to have caught people’s attention. It is gaining against IE in terms of popularity and without the advantages that IE has, such as integration with windows and the marketing support of Microsoft. It is suceeding on the strength of its own quality as a piece of software.

The Mozilla software project is a sucess!

[edit: download now available]

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