Baking Pizza Books: The Pizza Express Cook Book

I just tried the basic recipe out of this book this evening and it made an amazing pizza. It was better than some of the frozen varieties. I used the dough recipe, topped it with a tomato sauce in a jar and added grated mozarella cheese (+ a few olives that I happened to have)

It tasted fairly close to the restaurant pizzas, which is an amazing result for a home recipe. I definitely think I’m going to stop buying frozen pizzas.

Unfortunately the book’s availability isn’t very good. Amazon doesn’t seem to be selling new copies directly. If you get the opportunity pick up a copy, the recipe I tried worked well and tasted great and the book has an interesting history of pizza making and of the Pizza Express company. I think I picked up my copy for £2.99 at one of the cheap book shops. It’s definitely a good book.

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