Frequently Asked Questions for HTMLValidator

How does the validation compare to other tools

HTMLValidator results should be almost identical to the W3C validator.
However HTMLValidator cannot validate HTML5, although the W3C validator calls out to for this.

Are any parts of HTMLValidator Open Source?

Yes, more information is available on the HTMLValidator Open Source Page

Which version do I need for Lion?

Use 1.2 or later for 10.7/Lion support

Does HTMLValidator validate CSS or Javascript?

Not currently (sorry)

How do I uninstall HTMLValidator?

  • Drag the icon to the trash
  • Find the HTMLValidator folder in your Library folder and drag this to the trash (Later versions might not create this folder)
  • Find the com.malcolmhardie.htmlvalidator.plist files in your
    ~/Library/Preferences/ Folder and the /Library/Preferences/ folder and delete them

HTMLValidator should now be uninstalled.

Do all of your webpages on this site validate?

The main ones do and the minor ones should too. (Hopefully)

If you use HTMLValidator to find a page that fails please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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