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About Database Drivers

SQLEditor needs a database driver specific to the database that you wish to use.

You may also need to build the database with special options for jdbc compatibility or set specific options in the configuration of the database.

SQLEditor includes built-in drivers for Postgres, MySQL, DrizzleDB and SQLite.
Other databases may require installing a specific driver.

Built-in Database Drivers

SQLEditor includes built-in drivers and support for the following databases. You do not need to install anything for SQLEditor to connect to these databases

If you prefer, you can manually install a JDBC driver for these databases and use that instead.
SQLEditor will auto-detect JDBC drivers for these databases.

Supported Database Drivers

Other drivers must be installed manually.
When SQLEditor is next started it should find the following drivers automatically:

Drivers that are not on this list may need be added manually using the Database pane of the Preferences window. See also Database Preferences

The supported list may increase in the future. If the driver you want to use isn't on this list it is worth seeing if SQLEditor has auto-detected it before adding it manually.

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