Frequently Asked Questions for SQLEditor

Ordering Questions

I have lost or didn't receive my Serial number

Please contact us at and we will resend your serial code. It is useful to provide an alternative email address and a telephone number in case we experience further problems.

Can I change my registered username?

Yes, you can.

If you want to change your registered username for some reason it's possible to change it.

Some examples where this is possible:

  • Another person bought a copy for your use and you would like your own name on it (rather than theirs)
  • you bought a copy for yourself but now want it assigned to your company
  • the name you registered has now changed in some way

We try to be flexible on this, so most cases are acceptable

Please note that we reserve the right not to change user names at our discretion.

How do I change my registered username?

Just send an email to explaining the situation; quoting:

  • your original order number
  • the email address that you used to order
  • your current username
  • existing serial number.

Please indicate clearly the name that you would like to use instead, which must be the real name of an individual or organization.

We'll then replace your existing serial number with a new one that matches the new name and remove the old one from our database.

You should then use only the new serial number.

The old serial number may not work in future releases.

Why do you only issue one serial number when buying multiple copies?

When you order more than one copy we normally generate one serial number, which is valid for the number of copies that you bought. This has proved to be easy to administer for both our customers and ourselves.

For SQLEditor 2 and later, the number of copies is encoded in the license key and the registration window will display the number of licenses.

If you have ordered multiple single licenses or multiple site licenses then you can choose to have each serial number registered to a different name or change the existing username to reflect your organization or group.

If you want to do this then please send an email to with your order number, current username and serial number; together with details of how you would like the serial numbers allocated and we'll be pleased to make the changes.

Where is the update appcast?


How much are upgrades to SQLEditor 3?

The price depends on the type of license and the date that you purchased it.

SQLEditor 3 is a paid upgrade

If you choose to upgrade, you may be entitled to a free upgrade.
Otherwise we offer a discounted upgrade price

Free Upgrade Entitlement

  • SQLEditor licenses bought on or after 1st March 2014 can be upgraded for free.
  • Upgrade assurance valid on or after the date of release of SQLEditor 3 includes this upgrade

Standard Upgrades

Purchase date
28th February 2014
or earlier
Purchase date
1st of March 2014
or later
With valid Upgrade assurance
Single License
Full Price:$79
Group/Site License
Full Price:$349
Single Educational License
Full Price:$49
Educational Group/Site License
Full Price:$249

Your existing SQLEditor 2.x license and software remains fully valid for use

To find out exactly, please use the upgrade to SQLEditor 3 page

Can I still purchase an upgrade to 2.x?

No. However the v3 upgrade costs the same and SQLEditor 3 licenses
are also valid for 2.x releases.

Usage Questions

Can I use SQLEditor to edit the data in my database

No, SQLEditor cannot edit the data in your database.

SQLEditor works only with the structure of the database, it cannot edit individual records within the database.

For more information please see: SQLEditor: Data vs Structure

How do I setup SQLEditor to access my Database?

See the SQLEditor database drivers page

Why are my printed documents really large?

The size you see on your printed documents is large but is also technically correct. The size of the objects on the paper will match the size of the objects visible on screen (at normal screen resolution).

If you want to squeeze more onto each sheet you can change the printing scale factor in the
File->Page Setup panel.

(After some feedback we are actively considering changes to this, possibly with a default reduced scale factor, so that more is put on each sheet by default. Hopefully it should arrive in a future version.)

Which database drivers are automatically recognized in SQLEditor?

The following drivers are automatically detected by SQLEditor. (Although other drivers can be added manually)

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • OpenBase

Where do I put database drivers?

You can place JDBC database drivers in either

  • /Library/Java/Extensions/

for use by all programs on your machine

  • /Library/Application Support/SQLEditor/JDBC Drivers/

for use only by SQLEditor

See the Database Drivers page for more details

What do the icons on fields mean?

See the field icons page for more details

Support Updates

Contact Us

To contact us with a support issue please email: