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Update Channel: release

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There is a charge to upgrade to SQLEditor 3

Licenses bought on or after 1st March 2014 can upgrade free of charge

SQLEditor 3

SQLEditor 3 brings new features including a new single window interface, design report generation, new style options including the ability to set the object display fonts, performance improvements, better pre-flighting and a new javascript plugin system.

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Changes in this build (3.3.11)

SQLEditor - 3.3.11

  • Fix for possible crash when running on 10.11 or earlier and opening inspector panels

Changes since 3.3.5


  • (Release 3.3.10 was released as a beta release only)


  • Fix for smart quotes being substituted for standard quotes in view definition text field and various object comment text fields
  • Fix for odd crash that occurred when document became main in 3.3.8 but notification occurred on a secondary thread. This mostly meant that the app crashed if you checked for updates manually.


  • Fix for bug where SQLEditor wasn't matching MySQL default update and delete actions correctly on imported foreign keys, causing foreign keys to be dropped and readded incorrectly when no changes had occurred.
  • MySQL initial default type could sometimes be INTEGER instead of INT (This mapped to INT, but was confusing). Fixed.
  • Source view is now updated when a document becomes the main window.
  • List of file names in diff view is now updated when document changes or becomes main window
  • ON DELETE/ON UPDATE now export RESTRICT in relevant dialects
  • ON DELETE/ON UPDATE "SET DEFAULT" is now treated as an empty setting (which is normally RESTRICT) in MySQL, which doesn't support this action in INNODB


  • Fix: creating a new object wasn't moving focus to the name/title field in the inspector
  • Fix: "Inspect Object" command now correctly moves the focus to the name/title field of inspector.
  • Foreign key objects now highlight the columns they link when either the connector or the foreign key object is selected
  • Connector lines now have a context menu with appropriate commands
  • Sparkle has been updated to a newer release
  • Some obsolete resources have been removed


  • Internal release only
Version 1.7.18
Update Channel: release
This release does not support Mac OS X 10.4
Requires OS X 10.5.8 or later.

SQLEditor - 1.7.18

  • Release of 1.7.18b1
  • From Version 1.7.18b1
    • First gatekeeper signed version (for mountain lion)
    • Fix for bug where object locations could be corrupted
    • New minimum System 10.5.8 (due to gatekeeper signing)