SQLEditor and Mac OS X Sierra

This page gives information about SQLEditor and OS X 10.12/Sierra

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Last updated 26th Sept 2016

What is 10.12/Sierra?

OS X El Sierra is the latest version of OS X.
It is the successor to the 10.11/El Capitan release.

Will SQLEditor work on OS X 10.12/Sierra


Our testing has found that SQLEditor v3.1.0 works on Mac OS X Sierra.

We have identified one issue relating to in-app updates, which has been fixed in the 3.1.4 release.

Should any other issues be found, we will provide an update to fix them.

Are there any known issues

There is currently one known issue

In-app update may fail if App is run from Downloads directory.

If you download SQLEditor v3.1.2 or earlier and immediately run it from the downloads directory, the in-app update system may fail. An error message is displayed which indicates that SQLEditor is being run from a read only drive and instructs that SQLEditor should be moved elsewhere to allow updating.

This is due to app translocation, a new security feature in 10.12

To avoid this problem, the SQLEditor.app application file can be moved to a different location on your Mac. We recommend the main /Applications directory.

The 3.1.4 release of SQLEditor is now distributed as a disk image instead of a zip file which fixes the problem.

Can SQLEditor use tabs?

Yes, SQLEditor is able to use the new tab based document system.

(we plan on making some extra improvements to this in a future release of SQLEditor)

Note that the "hide/show tab bar" command is currently appearing in the view menu instead of the window menu. We hope to move this to the window menu in a future release.

Please report problems

If you are using SQLEditor on 10.12 and find a problem please report it to us at support@malcolmhardie.com.

For more information about OS X 10.12/Sierra, please see Apple's website: https://www.apple.com/osx/

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