Oracle and SQLEditor

Can I use SQLEditor with an Oracle database?

Yes, you can.

SQLEditor supports importing and exporting to Oracle databases and there is a specific Oracle SQL dialect.

SQLEditor will also auto-detect Oracle JDBC drivers when they are installed.

Where can I get the Oracle JDBC driver from?

The Oracle driver is available directly from Oracle corporation at their website.

Oracle JDDBC Download Site

We've done more testing on the Oracle 10g JDBC drivers, however the 11g drivers should work too.The following instructions refer to the 10g drivers. Installation of 11g drivers is similar.

You need to download two files from this page


Both of which then go into /Library/Java/Extensions/

SQLEditor should find these drivers automatically when it starts up.
If SQLEditor is already running you may need to restart it to see the new drivers.

General Notes

Schema names should be specified in UPPERCASE.

Most Oracle tools seem to create schemas in uppercase although the JDBC driver supports lowercase too.
If you specify a schema in lowercase then you may get an empty document. (depending on your configuration)

Oracle has features that SQLEditor doesn't support

There are a number of features in Oracle that have no support in SQLEditor and some features only have partial support. Currently the big features with no support include views, procedures, triggers and namespaces. There are field and table options that aren't supported also.
We are working to increase support for these and other features.

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